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Now, to the safety measures. The vaccine is now available to all adults, so we expect there will be a considerable number of BGG attendees who would have taken the shot, which in our space gives us herd immunity. This is HUGE!!!


Additionally, there will be. . .


  • Mask-wearing.


  • Social-distancing: spaced out tables and seating in breakout rooms and only six or eight to a table instead of 10 in the ballrooms.


  • Hand sanitizers will be stationed throughout the venue.


  • Color-coded badges that indicate a person's comfort level. This will be enacted to not force our beliefs on what people should and should not do and not being intrusive. You will determine at the BGG registration desk.

Image by Sincerely Media

Blue dot on your badge means:

I do not want to be touched, I will wear a mask and follow the CDC guidelines on safety.

Image by James Lee

Yellow means:

I am fully vaccinated, will wear a mask and comfortable bumping elbows, but not shaking hands or hugging.

Image by Rohit Ranwa

Green means:

I am fully vaccinated and I am comfortable not wearing a mask, and comfortable hugging, shaking hands, etc.

These measures have been implemented at various in-person conferences this year and have been successful in making sure everyone had a comfortable, safe experience.


We intend to have the most exciting and fun times at our upcoming BGG Conference, and that's saying a lot considering how 2020 panned out! We all have a lot of growth experiences to discuss, pivotal virtual business start-ups during COVID-19, best practice sharing, networking, etc.


Stay safe until our meet up in November! We are looking forward to meeting everyone in Moreno Valley for what promises to be a most stimulating and enjoyable event!

Rob Mason

BGG Founder

*A catered lunch will be provided for each paying conference attendee*